Bernie Duggan

bdI first came down to the club in 1974 following my two younger brothers, Peter and Michael, who had progressed through Essendon Little League down at Cross Keys and then Oak Park Swim Centre, and then invited down to play Under 9’s with Robin Hamilton.

It was here that I was subjected to some of the infamous training legions such as the Witch Doctor Na Na Sagoorie, the strength of the Incredible Hulk and of course the power Superman.  These are memories that I will have forever.   I followed my brothers from team to team as an assistant to some of the great junior coaches of the Strathmore Football Club including Robin Hamilton, Arthur Bouckley, Geoff Bell, Bruce Cuthbertson and Ken Pridham.  My father Des was team manager for many of these sides.

In the Under 16 and Under 18 years I acted as First Aid trainer for the teams having completed an AFL Trainer’s Course at the Collingwood Football Club.

In 1980 I also assisted with the Senior Thirds with Peter ‘Tails’ Taylor and the band of merry men.

In 1981 I commenced as an assistant trainer for the club under the leadership of Noel Strawbridge, Rick Sayers and George Perry with the first Aid for the Seniors after completing the role with the Junior sides.  I was fortunate to be involved as a trainer in the first A Grade Premiership under the coaching of the Great Man Peter Owen.

I have remained involved with the First Aid side of the Senior club since that date and have been fortunate to have played a role in every A Grade flag the club has won to date.

I joined the committee in 1985 was elected Treasurer of the Club in 1987 until 1989, Secretary in 1990 and 1991 and Vice President in charge of Senior Football 1995 until about 2002.  During that time I had the privilege worked on Committees with some of the Club Legions who have made the club what it is today.  People like Robert Leathers, Jeff Griffiths, Robert Carroll, Jim Slevison, Rob Ternes, Chris Wheeler, Ross Higgins and Maurie Gunston.

Although I have not been on Committee for over 10 years I have always assisted where I can with John Elliott and Michael Horne leading the club of recent times.