Annual Reunion 2015

Annual Reunion – Report by Ken Pridham

After all the welcomes were attended to,a special mention to Donna for her decorating of the tables, they looked fantastic as you walked into the rooms.Lunch was served, roast chicken and salad washed down with a good red wine or the popular stubbie.

Our reunion was attended by approximately one hundred people,premierships relived were 2005 A grade(coached by Craig Hille),2005 u/18( Brendan” salty” Trebilcock,1995 u/18 ( Pat Mackie) and from yesteryear 1985 A grade reserves( Ian Fletcher).

Some great moments relived by all the coaches,Craig told how far he travelled to get the team he wanted,then coming from fourth on the ladder to make the grand final,then at full time a draw,five minutes each way to finally win the premiership,Brendon being appointed two weeks before the season started due to the previous coach being transferred interstate,started slowly but finished the season as premiers.Pat Mackie in his usual laid back style told how their season unfolded to win the premiership,Ian Fletcher trying to recall thirty years ago could not decide who was best on ground between big John Anderson or “wee”Georgie Owens,seeing BIG JOHN wasn’t there wee Georgie got the vote,Mick Trevean kicked three goals at full forward and how Craig(legs) Leggo got lost in between them.

Next was the comedian “LEHMO”who had everyone in the palm of his hand, never seen Alistair(BUTCH)Butcher laugh so much,maybe we could get lehmo to do Mantis’s column.

Brad(trigger)Tregear then got the auctions moving,was hard to get everyone’s attention,don’t no the final result of the auction’s,but am sure it was a good one.

We had two raffles,crayfish won by Graeme May,the money won by Craig Hille.

Shortly after the game finished I got a lift home,my tired old legs had worn out,

But the reunion carried on with the musician keeping the crowd happy and pizza slices at 6-60,heard on the grape vine the club shut at 10-30. Thanks to all the people who helped clean up the clubrooms.


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