Annual Reunion 2018

The past players committee arrived at the clubrooms at 10-00am Sharp and we had a first, Diffa arrived before Palms, thanks to Steve Carey for getting all the tables and chairs out,a big thank you to Donna for the decorations and to Fiona for helping Donna to make the clubrooms look fantastic, great thinking by the boys to set a long table in the front to sit the Twenty people who were involved in the 1998 Senior Premiership team, what a great turn out Twenty years later.

We had over a Hundred people attend to what turned out to be a fantastic day. Started out with M C Legs welcoming everyone,John Toniolo gave our PAVERS a strong push and I hope he got through to some of those in the audience, after a half hour catching up with old friends the meal was served and as usual it was first class tucker, well done to the catering staff a big thank you, it was then on to the reminiscing from the people who were in charge of the three Premierships we were celebrating.

First off the 1988 u/18 premieres and to do the reminiscing was Coach Brian Elvery and Gun player Warren Allison they spoke on how the year unfolded how Westmeadows went through the home and away season only for us to beat them twice in the final series, this was Brian’s second Premiership in a row.

On to the Reserves 1998 premiers and also celebrating two premierships in a row was Coach Peter O’Connor and his sidekick Shane Gee, they also spoke about their year and how it unfolded,this team was vastly different to last years team being a fair bit younger and as a result the celebrating was not as full on as last year’s also winning the premiership on the Saturday they had to wait for the Seniors to win on the Sunday to really let their hair which they did.

On to the Seniors 1998 Premiership team and the two to do the reminiscing were Coach Ian Aitken and the ever reliable Chris Koo, they kept bouncing barbs off each other for the entire reminiscing, we learnt about the song “HURRICANE” and what it meant to the team, unfortunately the two of them had me in fits of laughter I am finding it hard to remember what else they said.

It was probably the best reminiscing we have had.

We had a few more minutes to reminisce before the comedian LAWRENCE Mooney was ready to entertain us, and what a fantastic performance he gave in my opinion the best comedian we have had HANDS DOWN, his impersonation of our PRIME MINISTER was hilarious and he had the crowd in the palm of his hand, l reckon he was also enjoying his performance and he actually went over his allotted time.

LAWRENCE then drew the raffle seven prizes and the Allison’s won three of them, for some it was time to sit back and watch the rest of the seniors game,for others it was time to get the camera working and and relive former glorious.

Football finished, time for this old timer to call it a day, but the day was just getting warm, the band started playing, the players and our supporters were starting to warm to the occasion and at Seven o’clock Diffa’s pizzas arrived all GARLIC FLAVOURED you’ve done it again DIFFA.

Thanks to Legs for doing a fantastic job with the booking system of only paying into the bank, great this year to take no money at the door also raffle tickets on the table another winner.

THANKS to all the committee for making the day a great success,to the bar staff” Glenn and his boys “ a big thank you, to all those who helped to clean up the clubrooms also a big thank you.


Click on the image below for a video collage of the day