John Selvaggi

The family became involved with SFC in ’76 via the Bombers Midgets (then run by Hamilton, Barnes, Bouckley and Co.) when Joe also came to play in Arthur Bouckley’s SFC under 9A’s team.

In that first year at SFC John quickly became an involved parent helping out at the team level. But also right from that first year John showed an interest in being involved at a club level.

John soon joined the committee, getting involved with Tony Smith in driving the late 70’s round of clubroom renovations (moving our change room out of the social room).

Life for the Selvaggi family (including Judy and all 3 kids) soon evolved around SFC, on and off the field, Saturdays, Sundays, and most nights in between.

U9’s-11’s teams still where relatively new to the club, as were the legendary junior family nights. For a period John was heavily involved in these nights.

John also became involved with under 17’s team that included the likes of Slevison, Coulsen, Files, Raeburn et al. John was often taxi from the club to their Sat night destination, which was often the Selvaggi home in Glenroy. John’s way to help keep them out of trouble.

To a generation of fella’s John became known as ‘Strop’ or ‘Souva’.

John was a committeeman in the period leading up to our first A Grade success, then Treasurer in ’81 (and 82, 83?…)

As if he didn’t have enough on his plate, during this period John managed to juggle a variety of other roles and jobs.

(Together with Joe) John was Team Manager of Peter ‘Tails” Taylor A3’s for a couple years. In addition to all the normal team manager duties, John would often also be the goal umpire, time keeper, runner, etc.

Early Sat/Sun morning collecting canteen pies and rolls from Glenroy Bakery was regular and favourite family chore.

John became President for one year (’84?).

John only ever played one game of Aussie Rules football, one day when the A2’s were desperately short. And he scored a goal, albeit from a kick off the ground from inside the goal square.

(John also became involved in the SCC where he was Treasurer for a few years in the mid-80’s.)

John was an intense contributor during a notable period of the club’s history.