Peter McLeod

Peter McLeod has been involved in the Strathmore Football Club since 1982/83 when his son Brian was in John Wilson under 10s which he team managed for two years.

He coached under 12s 1984 & 85

He coached under 14s 1986 & 87

He was team manager for under 16s 1988 & 89 for Mark Chandler (coach)

He was team manager for under 18s 1990 & 91 Pat Mackie (coach)

He was team manager for the reserves 1992 & 93 Pat Mackie (coach)

He in 1994 took over from Wally as team manager of our senior side for the next 3 seasons

He became a comitteeman in 1987 till 2007 the later part he was incharge of football clubs sponsership

He was on the club building comittee for 2 years prior to the start of building which he took the minutes for the meetings which met every week