Robin Hamilton

Joined the club in the early seventies as the first coach of our first under”9” res team.

Was the master of “fairy tales” to inspire his young charges, instead of half backs or half forwards, he had a road map, lines were called Swanston st or collins st to confuse the opposition, who can forget “narnoo saguri” magic spray from the wilds of new guinea, superman coming out of the phone box, the incredible hulk{aka jeff Griffiths}coming up from the creek covered in green dye and chains, the banter between he and his team manager{Mr. Barnes}were legendry. His coaching style was one of a kind, and the kids loved him for it.

Also had a stint as Essendon little league coach.

Was a member of the “more” news team of the century in the 100th edition of the “more news”

After retiring from coaching became an excellent team manager for ken pridham in premiership year’s u/16 in 82, 83, 84, and u/18 in 92.also for Bruce Cuthbertson u/16 in 87.

A valued member of the general committee for many years, an excellent fund raiser for the club, especially at the park royal hospital, valued member of the ground marking crew, was our first president, organised many legendry football trips for the u/16 and u/18.

With wife Margaret was always seen supporting the senior teams [who can forget the day at Marby Park a few years ago, torrential rain, biting winds, freezing rain, but there they were “true blue” supporters]. Had there regular seats at all home games in front of “albys hill”

Truly a Strathmore legend and sorely missed “VALE” robin.