The Mantis

Mantis’ Reflections
by Life Member and Club stalwart Grant (Mantis) Edmondson

Anzac Day

The Anzac Day clash was preceded with a moving tribute with a prayer and silent observance, culminating with the audio of The Last Post. A Grade Team Manager Bruce Britter conducted the service in a solemn and warm fashion. The rainy weather didn’t dampen everyone’s spirits.

On a whimsical note, a lady at the dawn service at Gallipoli. The tour guide pointed out:
“This is where the Anzac’s fell”
“I shouldn’t wander. Nearly tripped on it myself”, she roared

Club man about town Frank Tsionis wore two hats at those games. He had sons playing with both clubs. To be Frank, I’m not sure who his allegiance was with. I think the coffee guy was feeling full of beans after the game.

Unfurling the Flag

I was in the news for the wrong reasons recently. With all the pomp and ceremony, the 2014 pennant was unfurled before the West Coburg encounter.

As I pulled the rope, the flag slowly descended down the pole then suddenly flew off it, fluttering towards the creek! Roars of laughter from everyone including out kids.

Interest was certainly not flagging at the unveiling.

The dictionary says flag also means ‘lack of interest’. Not so in this case. Being a former scout and used to ceremony, I should have taken on board the motto: Be Prepared!

Good Friday

Our Good Friday game against Keilor drew a big crowd, reinforcing the success of this day – people everywhere including many fringe supporters. The chip sales had a Good Fryday. I believe the AFL will move to Good Friday and like The Mores, experience financially as well.